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    The Loomis Chaffee School donates to Children of New Orleans

Who are we?

We are a dedicated group of corporations and individuals who want to help the children of New Orleans in a post-Katrina world where many families and institutions are still recovering from the storm and rebuilding.


Our goal is to raise funds for organizations or projects that would directly help with the medical care of children who were affected by the wide-spread devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

At present, our fund raising efforts are directed to benefit Tulane Hospital for Children, New Orleans' only inner-city hospital dedicated solely to children.

How can you help?

Make a difference in the medical care of children by purchasing our royal blue The Children of New Orleans wristbands.

All wristbands are only $2 each.

All donations are tax deductible. All profits will benefit Tulane Hospital for Children.

Where can I find these?

You can find these wristbands at these local New Orleans stores:
Pippen Lane, Priorities, French Fountains, Scriptura, Angelique, Tulane Medical Center, and more...
In the Concord, New Hampshire area, you can find these wristbands at Caring Gifts

About the Founder

Benjamin Karp founded The Children of New Orleans as a result of his sincere desire to help with the medical care for the children in the New Orleans community. Years ago, the extraordinary staff at the Tulane Medical Center was instrumental in providing the care and development at a crucial time in Benjamin's life. After attending Isidore Newman School for 10 years, he is presently a senior at St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire.

If you would like to contact Benjamin, please click here.

Tulane Pediatrics

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